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Campus Computing Survey Results

Georgia Tech is in its second year of requiring incoming freshmen students to own their own computers. Unlike many other institutions of higher education, Georgia Tech did not require a specific computer brand but rather defined minimum computer capabilities. This year, fall 1998, even the software applications were not required but recommended following the"textbook model" for all college courses. The survey shared here compares the results of the first year (1997) of the student computer ownership requirement with the most recent fall class (1998). We plan to continue surveying our incoming freshmen classes in subsequent years. We will be creating follow-up surveys for our students to gain some insight as to the academic impact of the requirement.  All results will be published on this web sight.

Questions regarding the surveys or the requirements can be directed to
Linda Cabot, Director, OIT Customer Support at linda.cabot@oit.gatech.edu.


The Questions from the survey appear below. Click on a question to view its results


1.   I was able to hook up my computer without assistance
2.   I required assistance to get my computer up & running
3.   I got help with my computer from (circle all that apply):
4.   The Resident Technology Assistant was
5.   I have used e-mail since coming to Georgia Tech
6.   I have accessed the Web since coming to Georgia Tech
7.   I need tutoring/instruction in using some of my software applications
8.   Please Indicate which classes require you to use the following software applications

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