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Formal Mandate for Student Computer Ownership Committee

To: Richard P. Barke, Chair, Faculty Executive Board
From: Student Computer Ownership Committee - Jay Bolter, Glenn Boyett,Linda Cabot, Eric Carlen, Bryan Carr, Kelly Coker, Paul Gulley,Richard LeBlanc, Jim McClellan, and Marc Smith (Chair)
Subject: Formal Mandate for a standing Student Computer Ownership Committee
Date: June 2, 1998
Xc: Gordon D. Wishon, Michael E. Thomas

The Student Computer Ownership Committee makes the following recommendation to the Faculty Executive Board with regard to the establishment and the formal responsibilities of a permanent standing committee at Georgia Tech to address the issues of student computer ownership. Our recommendation follows the input received from the Faculty Executive Board at its meeting of April 15, 1998, and also a slight rewording of the first section.

We recommend that the following section be added to the Bylaws of the Georgia Institute of Technology in order to establish the committee and to define its responsibilities. Committees of the Academic Faculty Student Computer Ownership

The Student Computer Ownership Committee shall consist of five members of the Corps of Instruction elected from the Academic Faculty, one full-time student of freshman standing elected by the Student Council, one other full-time student elected by the Student Council, one representative from the Office of Information Technology, one representative from the Georgia Tech Computer Store, and one representative from Auxiliary Services representing the Residential Networking group, with all members having voting privileges. The Chair shall be elected annually by the Committee from among the elected Academic Faculty members. The Secretary shall be appointed by the Chair from among the other members.
The Committee shall define and periodically review and update (at least annually) the standard hardware specifications for a minimally-configured student computer.
The Committee shall originate or receive all requests to add or delete specific software from the standard software suite used by the Georgia Tech community. It shall make recommendations to the Academic Faculty regarding any significant modifications to the standard software suite. It shall make at its own discretion any minor modifications and/or revisions to the standard software suite.
The Committee shall conduct an annual review of all student computer support procedures, originate or receive all requests to modify these procedures, make recommendations for minor changes or revisions to the appropriate Administrative unit, and make recommendations for any significant changes to the Academic Faculty.
The Committee shall originate or receive and make recommendations to the Academic Faculty regarding any changes or modifications to the Student Computer Ownership policy.
The Committee shall assist in the establishment and promotion of activities that encourage the use of computers in education. When needed, the Committee shall make appropriate recommendations to the Academic Faculty or to the relevant Department of Instruction.

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